Business Intelligence

Starting C-Facts brings instant Cloud business insight on the top five customers, subscriptions and license rankings regarding revenue and growth. Artificial intelligence gives projections about growth potential.

Tree map for Root Cause Analyses

By using tree maps, drill downs can be made in four layers. Choose between drill down filters like customer, resource category, subcategory and names. Make root cause analyses to answer your questions why some customers are growing, and some are not.

If, after seeing the real-time dashboard, you want to zoom in on specific customers, resources or licenses, this can be done with ease. You can do the analysis from a revenue or unit volume point of view. A volume unit angle is useful for technical analyses on resource consumption. Abnormalities become visible immediately. As a result, possible waste, abuse or cyber intrusion can be tackled and prevented in the future. You can use an easy time slider in your analyses and view results on a weekly or monthly basis. Working with superb visualization techniques like tree maps and AI forecasting guarantee you are 24/7 in control and master growth.

Cloud Analytics

Get Cloud usage and software license revenue insights in seconds by using the date slider and by selecting and deselecting categories, subcategories and resource names. Zoom in on specific customers or services and use AI based projections to forecast business.

License Analytics

Get a clear picture on who is using what licenses and how licenses are deployed. Figure out which license subscriptions are unused and which types are stars or laggards to answer important questions for purchase decisions and growth.

Invoices and Payments Analytics

Organize your Cloud and software license invoices and make trend analyses of your invoice spending over time. Analyze your invoice payments for smart credit management and cash flow control.

Subscription Rating

Define and enter portfolio general, subscription and customer specific conditions to apply for all customers and set specific starting times. Never ever miss margins because of forgotten rating settings.

Customer Lifetime Value

Define and enter customer specific conditions at subscription level knowing that every customer is different. Use machine learning forecast projections to manage margins for optimizing the customer lifetime value.