Recently, Escrow4all and C-Facts concluded a SaaS escrow/continuity agreement. This agreement foresees that, under all circumstances, end-users of C-Facts are ensured of continued availability of the C-Facts application as well as access to their user data.

Herman Kui, director of Escrow4all:

“By setting up a proper continuity arrangement in advance, C-Facts makes it very easy for customers to take advance of an effective escrow solution. As a SaaS vendor, you do not want to spend excessive efforts on non-critical conditions during every onboarding process with potential customers. It is about the added value of the C-Facts Solutions. The continuity solution assures that users can continue to work with C-Facts without interruption even in the event of a bankruptcy of C-Facts.”


Martijn van Zoeren, CEO of C-Facts,

also gives his vision: “By investing in a comprehensive escrow solution, customers can use the C-Facts platform without worries. We know the market very well and we are aware that business continuity is key for SaaS users. That’s why C-Facts offers every customer the opportunity to take an escrow scheme with a few clicks”.



Escrow4all is a forward-thinking escrow provider. We are the only one in the Benelux with an ISO 27001 certification. With our knowledge and experience, we ensure that the intellectual property of the software supplier is in safe hands and that the interests of the end user are optimally protected. Our proactive attitude and transparent way of communicating are valued by many customers in the Netherlands and far beyond. We strive to let those customers benefit from our know-how when it comes to escrow.



Through continuous deployment we create a professional analytics SaaS platform for cloud computing that gives insights into the consumption of specific cloud components and –services. The C-Facts platform provides Enterprises, CSP’s and their customers with insights into their digital (cloud) footprint from different perspectives: Consumption: adoption – usage – costs – energy – CO2 – and more. Commercial trends: historic – predictive – benchmarks. Compliance: licenses – SLA’s – GDPR – CSR.

C-Facts provides integrated Intelligence-as-a-Service that enables you to monitor, report, invoice, charge, predict, allocate and optimize the cloud usage of your customers or your businesses.


Information Escrow4all:

Herman Kui, Director

T: +31 (0)20 342 0250


Information C-Facts:

Bart ter Veer, Marketing & Communications

T : +31 (0)85 064 5628