Managed Services

The standard SaaS subscriptions offer an easy and fully automated onboarding process that can be realized without any help of a C-Facts specialist.

On top of the standard SaaS Subscription, C-Facts offers high quality consulting services and support.

Some of the Managed Services C-Facts Consultants can help you with:

1  Escrow Services

2  Community Support

3  24×7 Support

4  Dedicated Client Consultant

5  Additional Managed Services like:

  • API-Services (embedding other tools into your C-Facts dashboard)
  • Customize End User Portals
  • Set up Discount tables
  • Set up Custom analytics
  • Set up Branded versions (white label)
  • Assistance with initial set up
  • Assistance with set up Multi-Cloud dashboards

6  Any other specific support or assistance

For pricing please see Managed Services