SaaS Subscription

C-Facts provides Enterprises, CSP’s and their customers with insight into their digital (Cloud) footprint from different perspectives

The C-Facts Application Platform helps customers in their digital transition by providing a “window of intelligent data” into their digital footprint. Which enables them to make business impact analysis, based on (Cloud) consumption, commerce trends and compliance data. In order to contribute to transparent and auditable Cloud financials and Sustainability objectives.

C-Facts Application platform is divided in three core competences, providing insight into:

  1. Consumption
  2. Commercial Trends
  3. Compliance

C-Facts offers three subscription levels:

  1. Community Subscription
  2. Silver Subscription
  3. Premium Subscription

These three types of subscriptions differ, based on the access-level to the C-Facts Support organization. For the free Community Subscription there’s a limitation on both the amount of Cloud and Licensing Volume as well as on the amount of activated end-customer portals.

C-Facts offers multiple extra Managed Services like for instance Escrow Services.