C-Facts for Enterprises

C-Facts enables Commerce-, Finance- and Internal Control teams to manage the business impact of the organisation’s digital footprint. From managing expenses to securing sustainability business objectives and from security compliance to GDPR compliance.
All about optimising your (Cloud) digital footprint in line with your business objectives.

• Consumption cost management and cross charging
• Commerce trends on cloud resources and licenses
• Compliance control with sustainability analytics


C-Facts for MSP’s, CSP’s and Resellers

C-Facts offers a full suite of modules and tools for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) and Resellers to expand their cloud offerings and optimise margins.
Grow your business and increase margins with the C-Facts MSP, CSP and Reseller functionality on top of Enterprise functions.

• Multi-tier account overview
• Discount and margin matrix per customer
• Automated billing, invoicing and chargebacks
• End customer portal


C-Facts for Government

C-Facts helps government and government-related organisations increase efficiencies, strengthen security and optimise costs of their digital footprint with enterprise grade functionalities. As a European Union based service provider we ensure GDPR compliancy, data storage within the EU and usage visibility to meet compliance requirements in the sector.