The C-Facts team consists of serial entrepreneurs with many years of heavy lifting experience in IT, cloud in general and Azure in particular. We combine this with valuable expertise in:

  • Business growth
  • System Development
  • Finance
  • IT governance
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

This scarce combination of expertise and experience is exactly what you need for mastering the usage, financial and compliance aspects of your cloud or the cloud of your customers.



We all are entering a new reality in cloud adoption: multi-cloud deployment. Most enterprises already have a cloud-first strategy in place. Now they are in the process of setting up the right (public) cloud services depending on their workloads or applications.

Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Oracle… they all may be present in your enterprise IT environment. And they all need to be controlled and managed. Centrally and integrated.

Managing multi-cloud environments requires multi-facetted information. Information about:

  • Consumption of services
  • Costs
  • User Adoption
  • Energy consumption
  • CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with privacy laws and regulations
  • SLA’s of cloud and cloud services providers

That’s where C-Facts comes to the rescue. By providing multi-cloud intelligence for predicting, allocating and optimizing cloud usage and costs. Starting with offering visibility of your Azure cloud consumption today.



C-Facts enables customers to have a measurable, transparent and auditable business footprint. This will support a Trusted Business Relation facilitating further growth and transition towards a sustainable business environment,showing a “license to operate” to stakeholders.



Through continuous deployment we create a professional analytics SaaS platform for cloud computing that gives insights into the consumption of specific cloud components and –services.

The C-Facts platform provides Enterprises, CSP’s and their customers with insights into their digital (cloud) footprint from different perspectives:

  • Consumption: adoption – usage – costs – energy – CO2 – and more
  • Commercial trends: historic – predictive – benchmarks
  • Compliance: licenses – SLA’s – GDPR – CSR

C-Facts provides integrated Intelligence-as-a-Service that enables you to monitor, report, invoice, charge, predict, allocate and optimize the cloud usage of your customers or your businesses.


We enable you to invoice your internal and external customers, based on real usage and custom discounts. Insights in spent are available to you and to your customers, helping to control costs.


Our Goal

When you’re happy, we’re happy. It is our goal to provide you as our customer with the best cloud management experience and the highest customer satisfaction, loyalty and NPS.

Executive Team

MARTIJN VAN ZOEREN Chief Executive Officer (CEO)    
FRITS VELTINK Chief Product Officer (CPO)   
ARJO VAN RAMSHORST Chief Technology Officer (CTO)   
BIANCA DE WEERD Operations & Customer Experience   
JORDY QUERNER Software Development  
BARRY BRANDENBURG Product Manager   
BOY VAN DOORN Sales Engineer