Want to know how easy it is to get cloud cost insights by using C-Facts?

Then watch our tutorials that guide you through the whole application.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tutorial 1 – Dashboard

A guidance through the high level overview of your cloud costs and allocations from an end user perspective.

Tutorial 2 – Analytics

How to use the analytics page to get the insights you need to manage your (multi) cloud costs.

Tutorial 3 – Cloud purchasing

The cloud purchasing page enables you to confirm that the figures used in C-Facts match the invoice of your cloud provider.

Tutorial 4 – (cloud) billing information

Via this page, you can see which cloud costs are allocated to which cost centers.

Tutorial 5 – Organizations

Allocate cost to cost centers, set budgets and alerts and share data with budget holders.

Tutorial 6 – Data sources

How to use the data sources to collect your cloud costs and – usage data? 

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