an Enterprise solution

We put business management in the driver’s seat of Public Cloud governance with the C‑Facts Control Center.


The single pane of glass for Business management

C-Facts offer you that single pane of glass you need to show proof of a sustainable business model for the use of Public Cloud services. You get insight and gain control across multiple cloud services and their different commercial models while you track the results of your cloud footprint optimization projects.

Cost allocation made easy

Configure your cost centers and allocate cost from multiple Public Clouds by selecting the right tags.

Know your unassigned costs

We help you accurately assign costs and give you a clear overview of costs that are not yet assigned to cost centers.

Tracking cost per cost center

Whether you want to track costs per subsidiary, department, project, or application, we offer you transparency at all levels of public cloud usage.


Up and running in no time

Create your business management dashboard with a fast and simple three-step on-boarding process that requires a minimal need for IT involvement;


Sign up to C‑Facts

Signing up couldn’t be easier. We only need your name and e-mail address to get started.

Enter your Cloud credentials

After entering your Public Cloud credentials, C‑Facts collects the data and converts it into a common data model.


Configure the view of your data

That is all it takes to create that single pane of glass for your business management to get the required insights.

Start on-boarding and find out how easy it is to get a complete insight into your cloud usage and costs.


The Multi-Cloud in one view

With the C-Facts standard data model, we offer you a single integrated view of data from different Public Clouds.

Multiple Public Cloud accounts in one view

Are you trying to create a single view based on data from multiple accounts in one or more Public Clouds? It is easy with the C‑Facts Control Center.

Public Cloud tagging made valuable

With C-Facts, you can finally take full advantage of the resource tags you created in your Public Cloud environment. We make the tags available in your Control Center, so you get the insights you need.


Share Data to gain insights and increase cost awareness company wide

Get more value out of your data by giving internal and external stakeholders controlled access to your interactive C-Facts Control Center to let them gain the insights they need and make them become more cost-aware.

Configure which data you want to share

Give access to data

User has access to live up to date info


Revoke access when applicable

Connect to your Business Applications

Discover hidden information and get new insights by visualizing data from your business applications in your C-Facts Control Center. We can exchange data between your business applications and C-Facts as long as the App is API enabled.

Import your business data via CSV

We understand that not all your business data is available via an API, so we give you the option to upload monthly data in CSV format. This data is then available in your C-Facts Control Center, similar to data collected directly from the Public Cloud.