Meet the C-Facts team

C-Facts is founded on the conviction that current solutions’ capabilities lack real control and insight. With the two founders being Cloud- and SaaS-veterans who have experienced first-hand the challenge of governing Public Cloud solutions.

They both have a deep understanding of customer needs and problems. Hence, their decision to develop the C-Facts platform with a seasoned team of developers and business-oriented, entrepreneurial professionals felt like an obvious next step.


The team

Martijn van Zoeren

Martijn van Zoeren

Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Did you say “cloud”? Martijn has many years of experience as an investor, founder, CEO, and board advisor of different IT and Cloud companies. With this experience, he helps, as CEO of C-Facts, customers with the best Cloud Cost Management solution to add most business value. He has a strong vision of the Cloud market. Business focus and added value are key characteristics of Martijn.

Besides helping customers with the most added value solution for their strategic cost management, Martijn loves sailing and driving sports cars.

“When you’re happy, I am happy”
— Martijn

Barry Brandenburg

Barry Brandenburg

Head of Product and Marketing

Business value, business value! Adding the most business value for our customers via the BEST service in the market, that’s what he does.

Developing SaaS and Cloud services that customers love has driven him in the past 20 years. The best present he can get is when customers express how they love what they see and how it helps them overcome their challenges. Whether it is creating a Product Vision, Product Roadmap, managing the team to develop the service, or creating Marketing content, he has one goal; to meet and exceed customer expectations.

His FAQ is: How’s the wind? Why? Because he loves speeding across the water and jumping high into the air when kite surfing.

“Cloud Cost Management should be easy.”
— Barry

Jordy Querner

Jordy Querner

Cloud Data Specialist

Technical computer engineer specialized in finding solutions for corporate problems using ready to use technology. Capable to communicate both to the corporate world and the technical world.

Specialties: Internetworking, Bringing technology to business, Communication.

“They call me Query.”
— Jordy


Bianca de Weerd

Bianca de Weerd

Operations & Customer Experience

Do you need any help with your cloud cost management? Bianca is the go-to person. She is responsible for customer support & operations. That is a very good match!
She has 18 years of experience with service providers within the area of hosting (cloud) and business-critical applications.

Besides helping customers with the most added value solution for their strategic cost management, Bianca loves doing sports, spending time with her partner and daughter, having food and drinks with friends, and going on a trip to foreign countries.

“Getting things done”
— Bianca

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