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15 tips for a more cost conscious culture | Enrich your culture with more cost consciousness

With these 15 tips you can enrich your culture to create a more cost conscious culture in managing your cloud costs.

Reality changes continually. Cloud computing changes the time to market and the speed of innovation. Cloud created also the risk of cloud waste. You need to make sure you manage cloud cost. With the change of reality, comes the demand to enrich your culture to adjust to reality.

Conscious of costs for cost management

To achieve your business goals it is important that your employees have the responsibility and support for their part in the performance of the organization.

A cost-conscious culture helps you ✓ maximize the business benefits of cloud computing by ✓ reducing cloud waste.

Cloud cost management is a cultural practice.

Cultural enrichment is not a one-off activity. You need to work on it every day.

Cost consciousness within your culture

To enrich your culture with more cost conscious you can use the below 15 tips.

  1. There is no one best way to make your culture cost-conscious.
  2. Communicate the “why”, not the margin, but the purpose and values for a cost culture.
  3. Share a way of working focusing on creating as much as possible business value with cloud spend = investment
  4. Start today, euhh tomorrow! Learning by doing. Don’t make it too big and theoretical.
  5. Set, as leadership, a good example in the management of your costs yourself. Changing yourself is the closest and easiest thing you can do.
  6. Set the goal and give people the space to find out how to achieve it.
  7. Give your teams the responsibility to manage their cloud spend.
  8. Share, besides the cloud costs, also the top- and bottom line so people see the results of their activities
  9. Create a centralized (FinOps)team that is the frontrunner in managing cloud costs and can share best practices, policies etc.
  10. Support your teams to achieve their goals with the right processes, procedures, and tools.
  11. Create a safe environment to give each other feedback on behavior related to cost management
  12. Use cost reporting to give compliments on the positive results of their performance.
  13. Focus on the cost management things that go well and don’t forget to give constructive feedback on the things that need to change.
  14. Organize inspirational cloud cost management talks and share costs management cases from in- and/or outside the company.
  15. Share the results of reduced cloud waste and improved bottom line within the organization.

? It’s all about doing, not saying

✅ Start tomorrow!

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