The process of cloud billing can be time-consuming. As an MSP you want to operate efficiently and deliver added value services. MSP cloud billing software will make billing of cloud resources to your customers efficient, AND ….

create the opportunity for added value services!

Read NOW the 7 reasons why to use a best-of-breed msp cloud billing software because it is good for YOU and your CUSTOMERS.

  1. Make your cloud billing efficiently
  2. Guarantee the continuity of your process
  3. Make fewer mistakes
  4. Reduce cloud waste
  5. Use margins/discounts on services
  6. Share pro forma billing
  7. Deliver added value services


1. Make cloud billing efficiently

STOP retrieving cloud billing data by hand per cloud provider and Excel the data after that.

Is Excel a verb? Ahh, you know what I mean.

Our advice: 

  • Use a best-of-breed solution to collect and aggregate your multi-cloud data
  • Use reporting and billing periods per full month.

2. Guarantee the continuity of your process

Your Excel-sheet, this time a noun instead of a verb, full of functions, can’t be maintained by your colleagues. Make sure the continuity of your cloud billing process has been guaranteed, also if you are not there.

3. Make fewer mistakes

A consistent automated process reduces errors. Manual work can cause mistakes which can result in loss of revenue and time needed to solve the mistakes

4. Reduce cloud waste

Assign all your costs to internal stakeholders and customers. Make sure your internal stakeholders will manage their cloud spend. By minimizing your unassigned costs you won’t lose money and so margin.

5. Use margins/discounts on services

With cloud billing software, you can manage the margins/discounts on your cloud resources/services. You have the option to use margins/discounts upon your MSP prices. 

6. Share pro forma billing

The pro forma cloud billing reports can be shared with your customers so they know what is coming and will not be surprised with the real invoice.

7. Deliver added-value services

From billing to added-value services. Billing is about the past. Customers want to maximize the business outcome of their cloud computing. With the right cloud billing software, you can also provide your customer with (near) real-time cloud cost management dashboards

Now your customers can (near) real-time manage their cloud spend. 

Delivering this kind of added value services gives opportunities to upsell your services or reduce the risk of losing customers.

But the title says best-of-breed?

What about that best-of-breed?

There are many msp software solutions on the market. You also have these broad, all in one, solutions. The problem with these msp all-in-one solutions is that they provide all functionality, but not the best. The best that fits your business needs. Big, all-in-one solutions are often made by big companies. Big companies can be SLOW.

A best-of-breed solution focuses on specific functionality, so THE BEST. The best functionality, like cloud billing, for your business needs. Best-of-breed solutions are regularly made by smaller companies. Smaller companies can move QUICKER, also if you want a change or something 😉

Does that answer your question about best-of-breed?

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