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What is cloud cost monitoring?

Cloud cost monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing the expenses associated with cloud computing resources and services. It involves monitoring the usage of cloud resources such as storage, compute, network, and other related services to ensure they are used efficiently and cost-effectively.

The objective of cloud cost monitoring is to:

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities,
  • Optimize resource utilization,
  • And avoid unexpected bills.

The outcome is reducing cloud waste and maximizing the business benefits of your cloud spend.

Cloud cost monitoring typically involves tools and platforms that provide real-time visibility into cloud resource usage and cost.

These tools allow users to:

  • Track and analyze the usage patterns of their cloud resources,
  • Set budgets and alerts,
  • And make informed decisions about resource allocation and optimization.

Cloud cost monitoring is part of a cloud cost-conscious culture propagated from top to bottom in the organization.

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