Escrow Services

Continue using C-Facts®, no matter what happens. Essential conditions for the Cloud:

When a SaaS-provider goes bankrupt, has filed for Chapter 11 protection, or simply decides to terminate a service, every customer would want to be ensured that access to the data and preferably also the application will be granted. At least until an alternative has been found.
That is why thorough research on the continuity of service provided when purchasing a cloud solution is of utmost importance. This goes far beyond just the security of the data and the data centers.

C-Facts® is SaaS-supplier, but also utilizes other cloud solutions. One of our basic conditions when purchasing a cloud solution is that the provider guarantees the continuity of its services. That is, incidentally, independent of the financial position of that cloud provider. After a claim for damages, for example, a completely healthy company can be declared bankrupt. C-Facts® itself has ensured the continuity of its services in cooperation with Escrow4All.

Escrow4All is a full-service Dutch escrow supplier for technological escrow solutions and provides, amongst other services, comprehensive arrangements for organizations such as ING, USG, RICOH,, ITON, Pon and ABN AMRO.

Due to our cooperation with Escrow4All, protocols will be put in place to guarantee the service for a fixed period in the event of an imminent bankruptcy of C-Facts®. The customer will receive a certificate from Escrow4All at the start of the subscription which states the guaranteed continuation of the services.

The business continuity insurance can be purchased at a 5% surcharge on top of the subscription dues. For any additional information, please inquire with C-Facts®.

The definition of Escrow can be found on Wikipedia: Escrow

Escrow4All offers business continuity insurance for cloud solutions where the focus is on the continuous use and protection of access to the user data.

Components of C-Facts® Business Continuity Insurance (Escrow)


Every escrow arrangement contains an escrow agreement. This forms the basic fundament of every escrow relationship. The parties will know exactly what happens in case of unforeseen circumstances. Important matters – such as issuing grounds and conditions of use – however, all details are clearly stated in our escrow contracts as well. Escrow4All provides the C-Facts® customer with a certificate at the time of activation of the escrow arrangement.


An escrow arrangement succeeds or fails with the quality of the deposit. Emphasize on the readability, completeness, topicality and functionality of what is given in escrow.


Escrow4all initiates all activities necessary to keep the escrow arrangement up-to-date. This includes actively requesting and checking new deposits. Escrow4All ensures that agreements are fulfilled and keeps parties informed at all times.

ISO 27001 Accreditation

Escrow4all is the only escrow provider in the Benelux with an ISO 27001 accreditation. The scope of the certification is not limited to a specific component but covers the entire organization and every component of the service.

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