C-Facts entered into a Global Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro Cloud

C-Facts – Cloud Cost Management is excited to announce that it has entered into a Global Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro Cloud. C-Facts Cloud Cost Management services will be soon available on the worldwide Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

As companies and especially enterprises continue to transform and adopt more and more cloud services, it becomes increasingly important for them to view, track, and analyze cloud usage and cost, by location, department, or project.

C-Facts Cloud Cost Management gives business insights and automates cross-charging to specific countries, departments, projects, applications, and other cost centers. With the C-Facts dashboards providing relevant insights, CFO’s can control their Cloud expenses, optimize cloud usage, and lower costs tremendously.

We’re excited to bring the possibilities of C-Facts to Ingram Micro Cloud’s Marketplace and enable Managed Service Providers around the world to bring the benefits of Cloud Cost Management to their end customers.

C-Facts provides a single pane of glass for cloud usage and costs for all Ingram Micro Cloud Partners. On top of that, the partner can provide a user-friendly dashboard to all its customers. Primarily, enterprise customers must deal with the complexity around the proliferation of public cloud usage by their organizations with a lack of insights into Cloud costs.