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Copaco Cloud adds C-Facts’ Cloud Cost Management solution as an added-value service to its portfolio

With the C-Facts Cloud Cost Management solution, Copaco Cloud partners gain quick and easy insight into their cloud usage and costs via a user-friendly dashboard.

This dashboard offers Copaco Cloud partners several benefits. Through direct insight into cloud usage, partners and end customers retain the necessary control that enables further optimization. This results in a more efficient use of cloud services and thus concrete cost reductions.

Linking cloud costs to the correct item is often experienced as difficult. Via the clear dashboard, end customers can easily link costs to different countries, organizations, departments, projects, and applications. This provides better insight into cloud costs.

Moreover, the solution is quick and easy to implement. End customers are operational with Cloud Cost Management within 24 hours and can get started with the optimization options.

“This innovative solution from C-Facts clearly adds value to our Copaco Cloud platform. With the newly obtained insights, partners and end customers can efficiently set up their cloud environment and save targeted costs,” says Rick van den Hoogenhof, manager of Copaco Cloud.

Martijn van Zoeren, director of C-Facts: “As a leading Cloud distributor, Copaco can now provide a Cloud Cost Management service to their partners that makes cloud costs transparent and manageable. There is clearly a lot of demand for our multi-cloud solution and the collaboration with Copaco allows us to grow faster in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.”

C-Facts’ Cloud Cost Management solution supports Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and VMware platforms such as Copaco VMware Cloud.

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