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SLTN and C-Facts start strategic collaboration

SLTN has started a partnership with Cloud Cost Management platform C-Facts. With their Cloud Cost Control Center, C-Facts provides in-depth and detailed Cloud intelligence, enabling the analysis, optimisation and charging of costs and usage.

Many companies have a great need for better insight into their multi-hybrid Cloud usage and associated costs. With this insight, they can optimise their Cloud costs and maximise the value of Cloud computing. C-Fact provides this insight into consumption and costs efficiently through one central dashboard for multi-hybrid Cloud environments. This allows both IT departments and the business to receive reports, allocate costs and make decisions about Cloud costs. Existing stand-alone Cloud cost management solutions and platforms are often inadequate. C-Facts currently integrates AWS, MS Azure, MS Office 365, Google and Oracle Cloud into its Cloud Cost Control Center and will soon add VMware consumption.

SLTN will use this solution to give its customers more control over the multi-hybrid Cloud costs and consumption. SLTN and C-Facts will integrate the on-premise cloud costs (VMware) and the usage of the SLTN Cloud in the Cloud Cost Control Center. This allows end customers to allocate public Cloud costs, on-premise costs, and the SLTN Cloud costs to departments, projects, divisions or other cost centres. This solution provides end customers with a very efficient multi-cloud cost management solution, optimising the business value of the Cloud.

Eugène Tuijnman, CEO SLTN: “We already started using the C-Facts Cloud Cost Control Center to gain insight into the use and costs of the various public Clouds. We are very enthusiastic about the added value. We will now deploy the C-facts Cloud Cost Control Center for existing and new customers so they too can take business decisions based on the cloud cost insights. We can now advise our customers even better on the use of different cloud environments.”

Martijn van Zoeren, Director C-Facts: “SLTN has a solid platform for reporting its existing Cloud costs and usage to its customers. By partnering with C-Facts, this can now be done in real-time, and there is one overview for all the different cloud vendors, giving each end customer their online dashboard and allowing them to optimise their business continuously.”

About C-Facts

C-Facts has taken a modern approach to building its solution. The company has built generic API connectors with the public Cloud providers that can be configured with a few clicks. This ensures that the user is connected in no time. The advantage is that lengthy integrations and implementations are avoided. The customer can flexibly connect or disconnect sources as needed. Through the Cloud Cost Control Center, C-Facts provides customers with in-depth and detailed cloud intelligence with which costs and usage can be analysed, optimised and charged. www.c-facts.com

About SLTN

SLTN Future Proof IT. With specialisations such as architecture, integration and migration projects, managed services, cloud services, application services, security, secondment and Business Transformation services, SLTN is your pre-eminent partner in ICT. Quality, Passion and Innovation characterise all services provided by SLTN. SLTN is one of the larger non-listed companies in the Netherlands with over 500 highly trained and experienced employees and has over 1,400 national and international customers divided over the primary segments of education, finance, government and healthcare. In addition, SLTN has the highest levels of partnerships with the world’s leading ICT manufacturers.

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Contact information C-Facts

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Martijn van Zoeren

Phone number: +31653352293

E-mail: martijn.van.zoeren@c-facts.com

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