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Transfer Solutions and C-Facts start strategic partnership

Transfer Solutions gives clients insight into cloud costs through a partnership with C-Facts.

Transfer Solutions has entered into a partnership with C-Facts – Cloud Cost Management to give its clients full insight into multi-cloud costs and consumption. Transfer Solutions uses the online Cloud Cost Control Center from C-Facts, which provides insight into the usage and costs of the various public clouds that Transfer Solutions offers its clients. These are currently AWS, MS Azure and Oracle Cloud. Transfer Solutions is appointed as the preferred implementation partner for Oracle Cloud implementations combined with C-Facts Cloud Cost Management.

The partnership arose because there is a high demand from end-customers to gain better insight into cloud costs and usage to maximise cloud computing results. This insight should be obtained efficiently through one central dashboard for multi-cloud environments. This allows IT and the business to report, charge costs, and make decisions on cloud costs.

C-Facts delivers that central dashboard for cloud cost management.

“Transfer Solutions has innovation and optimisation of client solutions in its DNA. It is a solid discussion partner for setting up a multi-cloud strategy with knowledge of the most important cloud platforms. This makes Transfer Solutions the ideal partner for C-Facts”.

Martijn van Zoeren, Director C-Facts

“The Cloud Cost Control Center from C-Facts enables us to complete our cloud services offering. Our customers are increasingly looking for IT management services. With the growth of cloud consumption, we also see a growing need for insight into costs and control from IT, Finance and the business departments. With C-Facts, this has been made possible.”

Jurgen Duijster, Director Transfer Solutions

About C-Facts

C-Facts has adopted a modern approach to building its solution: based on APIs with public cloud providers. The company has built generic connectors that can be configured with a few mouse clicks. This ensures that the user is connected in no time. The advantage is that lengthy integrations and implementations are avoided. The customer can flexibly connect or disconnect sources as needed. Through the Cloud Cost Control Centre, C-Facts provides customers with in-depth and detailed cloud intelligence with which costs and usage can be analysed, optimised and charged.


About Transfer Solutions

Transfer Solutions is an IT service provider that empowers organisations with software development, (architecture) consulting, and migrations to the cloud. At the same time, Transfer Solutions offers reliability for its clients through the stability and availability of IT environments. Transfer Solutions is also an important trainer in the field of Oracle and OutSystems technology. Microsoft and AWS services as well as Data & Analytics, are also an essential part of the service portfolio.


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