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Does moving to the cloud save money?

There is no direct relation between “moving to the cloud” and “saving you money”.

It’s not like “if you jump in the water” you “get wet”.

Moving to the cloud can have several goals, like; increase the speed of innovation, reducing the time-to-market, improving availability or continuity, and cost-efficiency.

It’s good that you determine WHY moving to the cloud is a good strategy for your organization.

But what about the saving money part?

It is possible that you can save money by moving to the cloud. You don’t have to buy resources yourself and use them in the cloud only if you need them.

But …, sorry And …

Many organizations are struggling with the management of their cloud cost

So moving to the cloud will introduce this challenge/risk for you as well.

You can use cloud resources with a few clicks and so start the pay-per-use cost.

Knowing this, you want to make sure you MANAGE these costs.

This is easier said than done.

Then cloud cost management tools delivered by the public cloud providers are pretty technical. It can be hard as well to organize your cost to business entities, so you can make the right business decisions.

Tooling is one thing …

What about the people?

You want to make sure people will manage their cloud spend. Some cost consciousness is needed for that. Practices like FinOps have a framework about how to manage cloud costs.

Train your employees and support them with the right cloud cost management tools.

Don’t forget to ask for reports/the results. By having a frequent conversation about managing their cloud spend you can give compliments and adjust their approach.

There is much more to do to be successful in managing your cloud spend.

All the above was about managing your cloud cost.

You require having the knowledge, as well, when moving to the cloud. So education etc. requires to be organized and costs money.

What about migration costs?

Yes, for sure, moving to the cloud will bring migration costs as well. Take these into account as well.

So, you need to invest as well when moving to the cloud.

Don’t let this stop you from moving to the cloud after reading the above article.

Just make sure you take into account all the stuff to make sure you will be successful.

If you do that?

It can be that moving to the cloud can save you money.

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