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Reduce waste, increase value AND save time with IT cost management software

Yes, it is possible to save time AND increase your business benefits with the right IT cost management software!

How many hours per month do you spend on creating the right IT cost insights to make business decisions?

Can your colleagues execute your method when you are not present?

I assume you will AGREE if I say that:

“Getting the right IT costs insights is a hell of a job

Well, it can be, but ….

With the right, IT cost management software you can SAVE TIME to get the insights and start reducing waste and increasing value.

Am I correct that (public) cloud is part of your IT budget?

After reading the below article, you will know how you can grow your business and save time with the right software for your IT cloud cost management.

Your goal

With every $/€ you spend you want to make sure you get as much as possible business value

Yes, business value, so you want insights from a BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE, not a technical/IT perspective.

You want to reduce waste and increase business value. Invest your money where you get the most value.

The faster you get the right insights from your cost data, the faster you can make the decisions.

Efficiency is key!

Are we on the same page?

The challenge

Let’s assume the above is true.

It is easier said than done.

Your IT costs will have multiple sources. 

Al these sources have their cost data structure and way of reporting. 

Take for instance the public clouds; AWS, Azure, and Google.

They all provide native cloud cost management solutions, BUT … with basic functionality, IT/technical focussed, AND … a user interface that ain’t designed for efficiency.

AND … none of these providers will solve your multi-provider IT cost data needs. 

That’s a challenge!

The solution

So, let’s drill down your goal to your business needs.

“The most business value from every $/€ you spend”

To achieve this you want to: 

  • Increase business value – to do this, you need to have a business view. So want to organize (allocate) your cost data to business entities, like customers/projects/applications/departments/value streams
  • Reduce waste – you want to make sure you can identify waste, so you can clean it. With an overview of unassigned costs, you can make sure you assign the cost to an owner. By sharing your cost data with the stakeholders, you give them the tools and information to manage their own spend.
  • Work efficient – Stop manually collecting data from different sources and let your spreadsheet formulas do the magic. Let the right software automatically collect, near-realtime, your cost data from multiple sources. Your spreadsheet formulas are in the cost management software as well. The collected, multi-source, data will be aggregated, so you have one overview of your cloud data. With a user interface that doesn’t need explanation, you can EASY organize and view your cost data to your needs. 

Did I already mention you can be up and running in only 2 days? About efficiency spoken.

  • Guarantee continuity – No more Excel sheets with formulas you only understand. A multi-user software solution that is easy to configure makes sure you maximize your business outcomes also if you are not present.

Just another, last, but not least 😉 TIP

There are many cloud cost management solutions on the market. You have the big Cloud Management Platforms (CMP’s). They can do “everything”, but are not the best in everything. These CMP’s are often big, expensive, and changes in the software take a long time.

Having said that.

Makes sure you choose a best-of-breed cost management solution. The best functionality, for the best price with the best time-to-market

Seeing is believing!

C-Facts Cost Management Software is the SOLUTION to achieve your goal

Ok, now it is up to you to request your DEMO or START your FREE TRIAL.

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