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Multi cloud spend analytics | How to do it!

With multi cloud, you create the best-of-breed solutions. Without a best-of-breed multi cloud spend analytics solution, you are not going to maximize the benefits of your cloud.

Creating the most possible value with the best-of-breed solutions is a NICE mindset.

By adding value, your business will grow.

Even if you didn’t plan to use multi cloud, now you can create the best possible solutions.

By using multi cloud, you have introduced a challenge to get the right insight from your cloud spend.

Don’t worry too much. 

You are not the only person with this challenge.

And if you are not the only person with this challenge, there is often 😉 a solution. 

In this case a multi cloud cost management solution, which saves you time and money.

In the below article, you can read:

The issue with multi cloud spend analytics

With single cloud, it is already difficult to get cloud spend insights fast. The reason is that the native cost management solutions of the cloud providers are pretty technical and are not intuitive. This makes it for a business owner hard to get insights to make business decisions.

As a business owner, you want to organize your data from a business perspective and create different views, so you test your cloud spend hypotheses.

By using multiple cloud, this challenge even becomes bigger.

The spend analytics solutions per cloud provider are different. And … the cloud providers are not going to solve this issue. As long as you use their cloud solution, as much as possible, they are good to go.

Having said this …

You need to have a third party, best-of-breed multi cloud spend analytics solution.

Cross cloud spend analytics service

By using multi cloud you need to use a cross cloud spend analytics service.

You need to use a service that at least automatically collects your multi cloud data and aggregates it, so you have ONE OVERVIEW of your spend analytics.

Believe us. You don’t want to solve this challenge with a spreadsheet.

Please, do yourself a favor and choose for speed, quality, efficiency, and continuity for your spend analytics solution.

C-Facts cloud spend analytics for multi cloud

With the C-Facts multi cloud cost management solution, you choose a best-of-breed solution. C-Facts focuses only on multi cloud spend management, so you can count on the best functionality. This makes spend analytics solutions fast and flexible because it is not too big.

You will ENORMOUSLY reduce the time-to-insights. With C-Facts your spend data will automatically be collected and aggregated. You don’t have to worry about that and your spend analytics are (near) real-time.

Via the INTUITIVE dashboard, you can create the business views that you want. You can allocate your data to business entities and get insights on unassigned costs quickly.

Multi cloud will not be managed by one person. With C-Facts you can share your spend analytics with stakeholders, so they can manage their cloud spend.

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