Cloud Invoicing API

In order to connect to your own ERP or other external systems or data sets needed for proper invoicing besides cloud and licenses.

Easy Flawless Invoicing

Breakdown your Cloud invoice in customers or subscriptions to analyze and clarify the charged costs, thus being able to justify the bill before you pay. Check your customer invoices before actual billing using smart equations and filters thus being able to clarify the charged costs. Export invoice data for external use in accounting software.

End Customer Reporting Portal

C-Facts enables Cloud Solution Providers to accommodate their customers with a cloud intelligence portal for monitoring and managing their cloud usage and licenses. Unused, abused and hacked resources can quickly be retrieved not only because of cost reduction, but also because of the risk of being non-compliant with GDPR. The cloud intelligence portal also provides customers with trend analyses and consumption forecasts that simplify planning. The portal also accommodates cloud experience feedback which delivers priceless customer insight on questions like missing cloud solutions, cloud services, willingness to promote CSP and buying intentions.