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Does cloud offer cost management?

Yes, the cloud providers AWS, Azure, and Google do offer cost management.

Do you want to maximize the business benefits of your cloud computing? 

If so, then you want to make sure you spend your money on the cloud resources and projects that deliver the most business value. Cloud computing brings, besides benefits, also some challenges why management of cost is important. Within seconds you can start your resources in the cloud, which is good for your time-to-market but can be a risk for unexpected costs. So you want to manage your cloud costs.

The big cloud providers offer cost management:
AWS – with AWS Billing and Cost Management, you can gather information related to your cost and usage, analyze your cost drivers and usage trends, and take action to budget your spending.
Azure – MS Azure has a native solution for cost management. With the Azure cost management solution you can; monitor cloud spending, increase organizational accountability, optimize your cloud efficiency and also manage your AWS spend. Azure Cost Management and Billing are available at no additional cost.
Google (GCP) – See the more basic information about cost management on GCP . Google has also a specific, more technical, whitepaper about cost management on GCP. The aim of the whitepaper is to provide an actionable set of steps to help your organization maximize the benefits of its cloud investment on GCP. 

Besides the above native cost management solutions, it is good to take the below into account.

Research shows that:
– major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure offer native tools to manage costs, but with basic functionality. Third-party tools continue to advance their cost management functionality with a multi-cloud approach.
– there is a shift of interest from broad general-purpose cloud management platforms to best-of-breed tools that have a focus on deeper functionality in a given area. 

Best-of-breed solutions have the best functionality for cost management, are easier to implement, and have a better price than the big cloud management platforms. Take this into account when you are searching for your cost management solution.

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Good luck with managing your cloud costs!

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