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Why use a multi cloud strategy?

A multi cloud strategy will help you in getting the best-of-breed solutions for your business.

Multi cloud gives you more; flexibility, agility, and continuity.

No one vendor can deliver all the best-of-breed solutions for your business needs.

And if one could.

Do you want to be dependent on just one vendor?

What if there is a problem with that one vendor?

So, using a multi-cloud strategy helps you to maximize the business benefits of cloud computing by getting the best-of-breed solutions and making you less dependent on just one cloud provider.

BUT, with a cloud-native solution you are pretty locked in that cloud. Moving an application or workload to another cloud provider will need re-programming. 

A multi-cloud strategy is not a WALK in the PARK.

Besides the advantages of multi cloud there are some RISKS as well that you need to manage.

Make sure you have the right multi cloud monitoring tools and multi-cloud cost management tools to manage these RISKS.

In some cases, organizations have a private cloud and require more capacity for peak load. It ain’t a good investment to scale up your entire private cloud for just this temporary peak load. You want to scale up to the public cloud for instance. Please read more about this multi-cloud strategy in our blog about cloud bursting.

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