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Monitor the biggest risk, cloud waste, with multi cloud monitoring tools

Make sure you have at least the right tools to monitor the BIGGEST RISK of multi cloud.

Only then you can maximize the business benefits of your cloud computing.

And the biggest risk of multi-cloud is ….? I will help you a bit:

  • 61% of organizations plan to optimize cloud costs in 2021, making it the top initiative for the fifth year in a row
  • Research shows – in 2024, 80% of companies will overspend 20 to 50%, because they are unaware of their mistakes in their cloud management
  • Research shows – 30 percent of cloud spend is wasted

Multi cloud COST MANAGEMENT is still the biggest challenge for organizations!

I assume you have read the challenges of multi cloud on the internet or even experienced these challenges.

If not, high over, multi cloud has, on top of the single cloud challenges, the below challenges/RISKS:

  1. Diversity in cloud providers brings complexity and so it takes time
  2. Talent with cloud capabilities is scarce. With multi cloud you need even more different capabilities
  3. Multi cloud means multiple areas to follow-on changes and innovations per platform.
  4. Cost contol. Every cloud provider has its own way of naming conventions, reporting, and cost management control. All native solutions are pretty IT focused.
  5. Access management, identity processes, and security can be hard 
  6. Multi cloud architectures can be more complex and so compliance and security 
  7. Data privacy and protection in multi cloud architecture can be more complex.

Make sure you have the right multi cloud monitoring tools to take measures for the above risks.

Multi-cloud cost monitoring tool

Make sure you have a good, best-of-breed solution to manage your multi cloud spend.

Why best of breed?

Because these big Cloud Management Platforms (CMP’s) have a lot of functionality, but because of that they are not specialized. 

A best-of-breed multi cloud cost monitoring tool is specialized in cloud cost management and delivers the best functionality for the best price.

And …

A best-of-breed solution has often a smaller, faster, more flexible organization behind it. So if you want changes or contact them, you can get it done with these smaller companies than with these big ones.

How does a best-of-breed cost monitoring tool help me with the multi cloud aspect?

These best-of-breed cost monitoring tools help you in the multi cloud context with:

  • Connecting to the cloud providers and retrieving the data – this can be a lot of data. If the API of the cloud provider changes, these multi cloud cost management providers update their interface.
  • Aggregating the data – the data of all cloud providers comes together in one single source of truth. Decisions on how to handle exceptions are done by the provider.
  • Allocation – your tags, labels per cloud provider will be imported. The multi cloud cost monitor tool bundles the billing hierarchy of all cloud providers in one standard. On top of that you can allocate your costs to; internal/external, department/project/application, usage/license or even to invoice number. Unassigned costs will be visible and manageable. With these more business allocations, you can make BUSINESS DECISIONS.
  • Visualization of the data – with the best possible User Interface, you can EASY and QUICK filter on all types of allocations or resource data.
  • Shareable data – your data gets valuable if used by your teams to manage their multi-cloud spend. You can share your views with your teams.

The C-Facts Management Control Center is such a best-of-breed solution. START TODAY in managing the biggest risk of your multi cloud. Request your DEMO or TRIAL of the C-Facts best-of-breed IT cost management software TODAY!

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