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Multi cloud cost optimization services | Reduce cloud waste

Maximize the innovation benefits of your multi-cloud environment with multi cloud cost optimization services.

Do you agree that tackling the multi-cloud cost management challenges will give you more FOCUS ON the innovation benefits of multi cloud?

Well, although the hyperscalers, like AWS, Azure and Google aren’t going to solve your multi-cloud cost optimization challenges, there are FOR SURE services you should use.

In the below article, you can read how you can stand head and shoulders above the rest with the most EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT multi cloud cost optimization services!

Cloud cost optimization

Is it a stupid question to ask if you are familiar with the need for (multi) cloud cost management?

For SURE you have paid for some cloud resources that weren’t needed!

Around 30% of the cloud spend is cloud waste.

Single cloud cost management was/is already pretty tough.

I assume you already have some experience with that?

With single cloud cost optimization, you should already have experienced the:

  • Importance of tagging your resources
  • Need to allocate the cost to business entities, so people can take ownership of their costs
  • IT-focussed, instead of business-focussed, cost management interfaces of the native cloud cost management tools of the hyperscalers
  • Non-intuitive User Interfaces of these native tools
  • Importance of having a cost-conscious culture
  • Need to manage unassigned costs, because nobody will manage them.

With the above experience, you stepped in or are going to step into multi-cloud.

Multi cloud cost optimization

In your multi cloud architecture, you are having some more challenges. Let’s say NEEDS!

  • You need to collect the data from multiple cloud providers
  • The multi-cloud cost data should be manageable in one overview

So now you have a pretty big list with needs, that single cloud + multi cloud, for you multi cloud cost optimization service.

The thing is that the big cloud providers won’t solve your multi cloud cost management challenge. They don’t have an incentive. As long as you stay on their cloud they will profit from that.

In the above context, you will understand that you require a cross-cloud cost management service. So, a service that is in the middle of these cloud solutions.

Multi cloud cost optimization services

With the right multi cloud cost management solution you will save timereduce cloud waste and maximize the innovation benefits of multi cloud.

C-Facts multi cloud optimization services are the best-of-breed. C-Facts focuses ONLY on multi cloud cost management. So you will get the best functionality from an agile company. 

With our multi cloud cost optimization services, you can COUNT ON:

  • Integrations with AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Microsoft 365, and more to come. 
  • You are up-and-running in only 2 days.
  • Automated retrieval of you multi-cloud data. That saves you time and reduces errors.
  • Automated aggregation of you multi cloud cost data so you can manage it in one multi cloud overview
  • A super intuitive interface to find all the answers on your cloud cost questions efficiently
  • The usage of your tags and labels and (partially) assigning (shared) costs to business entities
  • The option to create your dashboards with the widgets that fit your needs
  • Having an overview of unassigned costs in a split second. 
  • Setting budget and alerts so you will monitor the multi cloud costs also if you do other things
  • The option to share your dashboard with your stakeholders, like your FinOps teams.

The C-Facts multi cloud cost management solution gives you the best-of-breed solution to maximize the benefits of your multi cloud.

Do you want to stand out head and shoulders above the rest with your multi cloud cost optimization?

Request your FREE demo or FREE trial, today!

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