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Customer Reference Story Corent Technology Inc

‘C-Facts does an exceptional job of presenting detailed, useful information about cloud resource usage in a way that is clear, intuitive and easily consumable.’ Scott Chate, VP Partner & Market Development, Corent Technology Inc

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Customer Reference Story LA Net

‘We have recently started using C-Facts. Their Cloud Control Centre has helped us understand our customer spend better and also helped us spot trends.’ Mitesh Chauhan, Founder LaNET LTD

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Corent & C-Facts: The SaaS Power Amplified!

Corent’s SurPaaS Continuum™ Accelerates Go To Market of the C-Facts’ Cloud Cost and Compliance Platform on Azure as SaaS Corent Technology, a leader in cloud optimization and modernization technologies, and C-Facts, a platform provider for cloud cost, sustainability, and compliance monitoring, have jointly announced the signing of a cooperation agreement.…

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C-Facts’ first Webinar & Winebar

Onlangs organiseerde C-Facts haar eerste Webinar & Winebar, een uniek event waar C-Facts haar gelijknamig cost management & billing platform presenteerde aan alle deelnemers die zich hiervoor hadden aangemeld. Een zeer geslaagde bijeenkomst! Op 6 februari 2020 staat de tweede editie gepland waar u zich nu al voor kunt aanmelden.…

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Webinar & Winebar

Webinar & Winebar, what is this all about? C-Facts organizes its second Webinar & Winebar event, April 2nd 2020. So much different than most of these webinars, because you can join us live! You don’t have to sit behind your desk and log in to an impersonal environment. Not necessary,…

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C-Facts selects Escrow4all to jointly offer continuity arrangement to end-users

Recently, Escrow4all and C-Facts concluded a SaaS escrow/continuity agreement. This agreement foresees that, under all circumstances, end-users of C-Facts are ensured of continued availability of the C-Facts application as well as access to their user data. Herman Kui, director of Escrow4all: “By setting up a proper continuity arrangement in advance,…

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